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November 09, 2011


Joerg Sauer

Hi, thanks for this great article. One question thouhg. I always thought that Softpartitioning in sense of Oracle means each VM has to be licensed for the amount of physical core * Core Factor.

So if I have a 4 core intel system and run 20 Oracle VMs on it, this would lead to
4*0.5*20=40 CPU licenses.

Reading your article I am getting the impression that I just have to get 2 CPU licenses and can run 20 VMs on it.

Which one is correct?

Thanks for clarification


Use caution with this statement:

License by named user - the more named users, the more licenses are needed. The amount of CPU's is not important, neither the amount of total databases. Typically one license pack per 25 users.

Named User Plus has "a minimum of 25 Named User Plus per Processor licenses..." per Database Licensing document. The number of CPUs does have an impact. Currently, I'm struggling with this issue due to the newer multi-core machines.


If one vSphere cluster has all prosessors/cores licensed may I install as many VMs with databases as I want on this cluster? Or is the license pr database installation?

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