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May 23, 2011


Craig Warthen

Good article, but wanted to point out a typo in your smartmeter calculation. You are missing a 0 in the daily total and the annual total. My calculations show the daily total is 720,000,000 instead of 72,000,000, and the annual is 262,800,000,000 instead of 26,280,000,000.


Nice Post...
Just confirming because you didn't bring it up here.
In Memory configurations can be more fragile making them susceptible to crashing and when they do - you only have the data as current as the last write to disk, right?
I've heard of trickle back ups that continually stream updates to disk - but this can be very time consuming and costly.
Is this a correct assumption?

Also - Security for managing in memory access has not been widely advanced by most application vendors - so initially access to the memory model = access to virtually all the data in it?
My thought is that Apps are just not able to apply their security processes to the in memory models yet - or am I mistaken?

Thanks Again.

Abnau Mukis

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