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September 23, 2009


amjad daoud

Interesting! I guess you finally found your
place. I remember Moshe while at EMC, Linda Wright and many others

- Amjad Daoud

Ronny Egner


from my point of view VMWARE is a piece of software - a software stack which offers virtualization. It does this by emulating a complete hardware (cpu, disk, network and so on) stack.

This emulation is software based and is an additional layer between the hardware and the operating system. Without VMWARE the operating system directly access the hardware (yep - i know of para-virtualization and that stuff). But it is a fact vmware redirects / changes calls (from/to the cpu and other components).

From my perspective it is perfectly right to say VMWARE is a software layer - because it is. In the past i have seen errors coming from that virtualization which were not there without vmware.

On the other side oracle refuses to certify VMWARE solely because they want to sell/place their own virtualization technology.

So every time a customer tells me he wants to virtualize his database with vmware i tell him that this is actually not supported but works. And in case there are errors oracle might force him to reproduce the error on "real" hardware. Another odditiy is the licensing part: Oracle want you to license the hosting machine and not the cpus assigned to the virtual machine; but thats another pure marketing thing from my point of view.

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