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May 16, 2008


Jeff Moss

Not that anyone will read this but... ;-)

I agree, generally with the points you make about the 800lb gorilla that is Oracle. I'm an Oracle guy through and through and the only point I would add, is that Oracle can definitely do the Complex and functionally rich stuff...but it can also do the regular bread and butter, "simple" stuff too.

I know nothing about licensing so I've no idea, for a "simple" project, Oracle is expensive in comparison to other vendors, including Microsoft, but I know it can certainly do the job and do it well...and then, if you need to ramp up volumes or use extra, more complex, functionality, it is ready, willing and able.

I guess what I'm saying is that, whilst it's easier to choose Oracle for a bigger/complex system, one should also consider it for smaller systems too.

Nice blog.

the storage anarchist

You do know that you can't post links to EMC One outside the firewall, right? Well, actually, you CAN post them, but they won't work...

Yes, I do know that, actually. But many of my readers are EMC employees with access to EMC One. For those who are not, I apologize if you cannot access the link. I will determine if Jason has no objection, and then post the blog post here as soon as possible.

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