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October 23, 2007


Kevin Closson

11gr1 x86_64 has been available on OTN for 5 days now.



Yes, I noticed that 11g 64 bit was shipped the same day I put this post up. In fact, I said so on my next post, which I put up yesterday. Like I said in that post, the timing was kind of embarrassing. But whatever. We are in the process of spinning up a 64 bit Oracle 11g Direct NFS testbed as we speak, and I will get back to you with performance results on the blog as soon as I have them, hopefully by OOW. Based upon your excellent white paper on Oracle's web site, I am expecting great things.



Hi Jeff,

Do you have any comparisons when using IP Multipathing from Sun with NFS v4? DNFS reminds me of ASM and Unbreakable Linux..

One would assume that an OS vendor would be better at making NFS and multipathing work rather than a database vendor. Oracle has a disadvantage in that it has to test it's client on all the various flavours of OS out there.




I am a creature of Linux at this point. While my program has done one solution using Windows, that was not done by me. Therefore, I would have to say, no, I do not have done such a comparison.

The fact that Oracle is apparently able to do such a better job at CPU utilization on using multiple IP pathways is surprising, though. I will certainly be looking into this more in the context of Linux.




I think (storage guy) is the right person to answer my question. Please look into it as I m stuck.

I have 2 Dell 2950 Servers and 500 GB Buffalo NAS with Windows 2K3 X64 EE, Could any please tell me whether I can install Oracle RAC with this kit.

If yes , how can I configure shared storage and present it to OS so that both nodes can see it.

Please help..



Windows with NAS is problematic. In an 11g context, you can use dNFS, but that does not help you with the CRS files. You will need to at least use iSCSI. I do not know the capabilities of Buffalo NAS, so I am not sure how to guide you there.

In general, if you can use iSCSI with this NAS box, you should be able to configure RAC. I would highly recommend with NAS that you go with Linux, though. In that case, you could use NFS for the entire setup.

Hope this helps.


William Adams

Is there any performance tests available to demonstrate how DNFS performs vs. using ASM?

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