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July 01, 2007


Al Weber

Interesting read, the WAFL issue is exactly the same as with Sun's ZFS (optimizes for writes at the expense of fragmentation) Not always a bad tradeoff, but certainly with a tablespace file it is.
My question: what have Any of the SAN vendors done to db -integrate their Snap/VolCopy technologies, as NetApp did with Snapmanager for Oracle? I agree that the SAN vendors have better technology, but gluing it together is still left up to the DBA doing a bunch of scripting. It looks like a pretty big plus for Netapp on that front. Cheers, aw


EMC has been selling a tool called Replication Manager (RM) for substantially longer than NetApp has had SnapManager for Oracle. (As I stated in my blog, I was the prototype developer of the SMO product.) RM is a significantly more complete solution than SMO as well. I would say that the plus is on our side, in that area.


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