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Jeff Browning began his career as an attorney, practicing law in Texas for 11 years. During the PC revolution, he embraced the concept of personal automation, and was a leading advocate of the use of PC technology in the legal industry and government. Eventually, he left legal practice and pursued high technology as his sole career choice. He ended up in Alaska, where he worked in the energy industry on econometric modeling of the entire world economy, for the purpose of planning the capital investment of British Petroleum in the Alaska North Slope oil fields. From that experience, he was recruited by an ISV to manage their partner and training services program. He was then offered the opportunity to go to work for Network Appliance in 1997 as their first database technical marketing engineer. In that position, he was responsible for the early validation of the NFS protocol for use in storing Oracle databases. Subsequently, he managed the SAN portion of the NetApp database technical marketing organization, and then led a group of Global SEs who roamed the world selling NetApp technology to database customers. In November of 2005, he left NetApp to join the EMC Commercial Solutions group where he works as the Oracle subject manager expert, and is responsible for overseeing the creation of the Oracle Solutions for Mid-Size Enterprises in the areas of both SAN and NAS.


I like biking and play guitar and bass.